Amanda Barras-Andruskiewicz is a guest blogger for #RTBB. Her tumblr The Bare Essentials is for an internship through The Leadership Community for Women (TLC) at UCR. Amanda is a fourth year (about to graduate in June!) women’s studies major at the University of California, Riverside.

The first goal of this blog is to discuss women and power. I feel that in order to really discuss women and power I must first recognize why there is even a need for a club to empower women or even a need for feminism.

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a range of problems holding me back from my creative projects; trouble with motivation, issues with procrastination, low levels of confidence & self-assurance, and pretty much every other problem under the sun.

I am a writer, and by definition I write, but in reality? I try to write.

Until a year or so ago most of my days would look like the same unproductive mess.

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What is a “happy feminist moment” and how can these trickles of inspiration help us in our journey of social justice?

My first ‘happy feminist moment’ began in the confines of my Barbie duplex. My Barbies had the highest paying jobs, the safest pregnancies, and the most loving partners. They were my getaway from the adult world; a world that I could control with my own imaginative narratives of feminism (before I knew what the movement meant!) My Barbies shared a world where women were not only at a equal center with my male Barbies, but as a democratically free system where material belongings didn’t matter, gender boundaries didn’t exist (confession: I had an over abundance of female Barbies, so sexuality was forced to be fluid!), and everyone had a home, even if they had to settle for sleeping in the hot pink Barbie car.

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The key reason for the website relaunch at Reasons to Be Beautiful was because of a new professional direction – we shifted from articles on how to define true beauty to letting authors write on what it means for them to be beautiful. By redefining who we are as a website, our key goals is to give our readers articles that are mindful, newsy, unapologetically individual, and fun. Come back in April 2014 for our complete do-over.

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